John Bryan State Park Campout

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When:  9/6-9/8
Where:  Yellow Springs, OH
What:  Hiking, Mountain Biking
Drop-off:  5:45 pm, Friday, at the old WalMart
Pickup:  12:00 pm, Sunday, at the old WalMart
Special Equipment:  Bike, Bike Helmet, Tennis Shoes (in addition to boots)

We will be revisiting John Bryan State Park (which we briefly visited during this year’s cycling campout) for another campout.  We will be camping at the adjacent BSA Camp Birch which is located a short walk from the park.  In the morning, we will hike through John Bryan State Park and into Glen Helen Nature Preserve.  We will be bringing lunch with and eat somewhere in Glen Helen.  A short service project will be completed in the preserve (details TBD) right before lunch.  After completing the service project and eating lunch, we will hike back towards camp.

After completing the hike back to camp, we will have 30 minutes to an hour for rest and also go over safety procedures for mountain biking.  After completing proper safety procedures, we will go on a 2 hour mountain biking trip along the trails located in John Bryan State Park, allowing us to return around 4:30 or 5:00 to clean up and make dinner.  We will have have time in the evening for a game of Capture the Flag (and others) along with some free time.

Full Agenda:


5:45 Meet at old walmart
6:00 Leave for camp
8:00 Set up camp
10:00 S’mores!
11:00 Lights out


6:30 Cooks wake up
7:00 Troop wake up, breakfast
8:00 Clean breakfast, prepare for day
9:00 Leave for glen helen
11:00 Service project
12:00 Lunch and ultimate frisbee
1:00 Hike back
2:30 Hydration and bike safety
3:00 Mountain biking
5:00 Finish mountain biking, Start dinner
6:00 Eat/clean dinner
7:00 Capture the flag and other games
9:00 Free time
10:00 Quiet hour
11:00 Lights out


6:30 Troop wake up
7:00 Breakfast
8:00 Site take down
9:00 Morning Game
10:00 Leave for home
12:00 Return to WalMart

Quick Links:

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