Campout at Friedlander


The troop will be traveling to our Council’s Summer Camp, Camp Friedlander, during the first weekend of March (1-3).  The trip will involve great amounts of hiking around camp both for the purpose of getting familiar with the new location that we will be spending the week at this summer and to get ready for the backpacking high adventure trip.  This will also be this first campout for our new scouts, so it will also feature some work on requirements towards Tenderfoot, First-Class, and Second-Class.


In preparation for the backpacking high adventure trip this summer, some of our meals on this campout will be cooked using back-country equipment.  If you are going on the high adventure trip please bring your pack to the campout, we will be hiking.


Please don’t forget to bring your scout book to this campout.  If you are under first class you will need it so that your requirements are signed off.  If you are over first class you will need it as a teaching material for when you help younger scouts with requirements.


More information about the camp and its facilities can be found here.