High Adventure

appalachian_trail1All of the information about this trip can be found in the high adventure guidebook!  The guidebook provides detailed information about everything you need to know for the trip.   Follow the link for the AT Guidebook

The itinerary for the trip is as below.  All of this content has been copied from the guidebook (which also contains elevation profiles of each day), where even more detailed information about the trip can be found.

Saturday, 6/8

          The entire trip kicks off on Saturday morning at 6:00 am.  Scouts are to report to the old Wal-Mart parking lot where we will get all gear sorted out and ready to go for the trip.  We will drive to Caledonia State Park, located outside Fayetteville, PA, where we will camp for the first two nights.  The drive to Caledonia should take 9-10 hours (estimated 8 on Google Maps, additions made for stops and lunch).  All scouts should bring a packed lunch for the first day; we will stop for lunch halfway there.  Upon arriving at Caledonia we will set up camp for our one night stay.  Packs will be organized to ensure the best distribution of weight upon scouts during free time.

Sunday, 6/9

          We will do about 4 hours of conservation work in Caledonia State Park before we leave in the morning.  Around 11 or 12 we will eat lunch and then head out for our first day on the trail. Sunday will be our shortest hike at only 4.3 miles, which is why only half of the day is devoted to hiking it.  We will stay at the Rocky Mountain Shelter.  Please note that while this day is very short, it is also pretty hilly for its distance.  We will gain about 702 ft., which is comparable to the elevation that we gain on some of the much longer days.  Detailed information on Sunday, including elevation information, can be found at bit.ly/16q0Snz.

Monday, 6/10

            The second day will be about 9.5 miles with a total elevation gain of 984 ft.  We will camp at the Deer Lick Shelters.  On Monday, we will hit Chimney Rock, pictured to the right, which offers an amazing view of the forest.  More detailed information about Monday can be found at bit.ly/13jsQvp.

Tuesday, 6/11

The route for Tuesday is about 9 miles long.  Our total elevation gain is 1076 ft., making it the hilliest day of the entire trip; luckily it is also one of the shortest.  Leaving from the Deer Lick Shelters, we will hike to the Devil’s Racecourse Shelter.   The most notable part of Tuesday’s hike is that we will cross the Mason-Dixon Line, bringing us out of Pennsylvania and into Maryland.  Detailed information about Tuesday can be found at bit.ly/11zES6J.

Wednesday, 6/12

Wednesday comes in as our longest day at 12.9 miles.  There will be 925 ft. of elevation gain.   On Wednesday we will hike from the Devil’s Racecourse Shelter to the Pine Knob Shelters.   Most notably, we will pass over the Black Rocks which offer a spectacular view of the Maryland countryside.   For More information about Wednesday visit bit.ly/Zf4Jyf

Thursday, 6/13

It’s all downhill from here!  Kind of. . . Our longest day is over and it only gets easier from there.  On Thursday we will hike to the Crampton Gap shelter.  The hike will be about 12 miles long with a total gain of 863 ft.  The Annapolis Rocks offer a nice reward for a hard climb.  For more information about Thursday visit bit.ly/10AIW55

Friday, 6/14

Friday should be one of the easiest days of the trip.  Not only is it one of the shortest, it also has the least elevation gain at only 512 ft.  Almost the entire day is spent either along the ridge line or following the Potomac River, both of which are extremely flat.  The Weaverton Cliffs offer a wonderful view over the Potomac and a great way to finish up the trip.   We will camp at Maple Tree Campground for the night.  For more detailed information visit bit.ly/147E98N

Saturday, 6/15

            We will head out early from Maple Tree Campground, with a goal of leaving by 8:00 am or earlier.  Lunch will be served at a fast-food restaurant about halfway through the drive home.  We aim to arrive home before 6:00 pm.