Flower Sales Fundraiser

Summer is just around the corner and it is  time for our annual “Boy Scout Battle for the Butterflies” fundraiser.

Take all of your orders on the provided “order summary” sheet, if you need more you can print the form that is attached at the bottom of this post.  Make checks payable to Troop 930.  All orders AND payments are due on May 15.  Orders will be ready early June, at which point we will have a meeting at Shademakers to distribute the orders to scouts.  You need to deliver your orders to your customers quickly, remember, they are living plants.

You will get a large portion of you sales, probably around 65%.  None of the money goes to the troop, council, or national BSA organizations; it all goes directly into your own scout account.

All of the forms are attached below.  If you have any questions about the fundraiser e-mail Mr. Drake at doug@shademakersinc.com.

butterfly instruction sheet 2012

butterfly order summary 2012

Butterfly Sales Flyer 2012