Peterloon will be held October 12-14 this year.  This year’s theme is “Surviving the What Ifs”.  Activities will emulate survival situations and test your ability to use knowledge from scouting while thinking on your feet.  Our troop will be gearing up for Peterloon with a series of meetings themed the same as Peterloon; these meetings will be kicked off at the 9/14-16 campout.  Scouts also need to make sure that they are up to date on their lashings because  our troop will be building a gateway and all scouts will be required to help out.

Peterloon is an event that occurs every other year at Dan Beard Council’s camping facilities, Lower Craig, Cub World and Friedlander. The event draws about 6,000 people every year and is the oldest event of its kind in the nation. Peterloon has been going on even longer than the National Scout Jamboree.

Once arriving at the camp our troop will be allotted a specific amount of area, based on the number of people participating, to camp at. The event typically covers all 4 “sections” of Camp Craig with tents. We will be responsible for up keeping our area and improving with measures such as a gateway. This brings with it the possibility of awards such as “best gateway” that often feature monetary prizes.

Outside of our camp we can travel to Cub World, where over 40 activities will be taking place, including a Tug-Of-War competition, hatchet throwing, rifle shooting, a fake “cave”, and much more. The first night a “night climb” is usually available at Camp Freidlander’s climbing tower. The climbing tower is also open during the day. Information booths are set up by a variety of scout related activities, including various parks, caves, rafting companies, and a booth by NYLT, or National Youth Leadership Training. Take some brochures from the places that you are interested in and bring them to a PLC and we may end up going.

If you want to get away from the 6,000 people, there are plenty of hiking trials across the large camp available for you (and your buddy of course) to adventure upon.

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