Governor Bebb

We will be having a campout at Governor Bebb Preserve March 16-18. We will be going orienteering, so bring some good boots!

On this campout we will cover some requirements for Second Class, 1a and 1b; and requirements for First Class 2. We will also be working on the “totin’ chip” which allows scouts to use pocket knives, hatchets, axes, and saws. For scouts who already have the “totin’ chip” we will work on their “Paul Bunyan Woodsman” award.

We will also be holding a chess tournament at this campout! The brackets will be set up at the 3/13 meeting. If you have a chess board please bring it so we are able to hold the tournament in a timely manner. There will be a prize for the top 3.

Meeting times and cost information will be posted by 3/7 and will be available at the 3/6 meeting.