Our spring break trip is going to be a backpacking trek at Red River Gorge!

We will be hiking for about 3 days along the amazing trails of Red River Gorge. Let it be noted that this trip will be very challenging and contain lots of hills, so inexperienced hikers be warned. If you are looking for a slightly easier trip we will likely be taking a less extraneous trip in the fall that will be better for less experience hikers, however if you feel that you are up to this trip than it should be amazing.

Red River Gorge is one of the best hiking spots within driving distance and I highly recommend that you come along on this sure to be fun trip. We will likely be trekking about 8-10 miles a day.  The weather looks like it will be cool during the day.  I would recommend bringing some long-johns because the nights will be cold.  This is what the forecast was for Slade, KY (closest town to our trail) was as of 4/9:

If you want to bring a swimsuit you can but it won’t be necessary seeing that the highest it will be on days that you could swim will be 70.  There is almost no chance of rain, but I would still pack rain gear just to be safe.

We will be leaving really early on Friday morning (5-6 a.m.?) and getting home Sunday evening.  The exact time and meeting place will be available Tuesday.

If you are going on this trip please remember to bring a backpack to the meeting on Tuesday at Hueston woods.



Here is a map of our route and a topographical profile of where we went, provided by Mr. Kiss.  (You can click the images to enlarge them)